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With Auto mailing Software, we offer powerful programs that help you get your message out. Whether you are a small start up or a high volume corporation, we have an email marketing solution for you.

Auto mailing SoftwareAuto mailing is a flexible newsletter sending program with HTML mass email support.

The program is perfect for sending personalized e-mails in bulk as it allows mail merging. The number of email addresses is unlimited. Integrate our bulk emailer with Atomic Email Tracker to control the effectiveness of your email campaigns by monitoring who opens your e-mail, clicks links or loads images in real-time mode. Atomic Mail Sender has its own internal SMTP server and delivers email messages directly to their recipients by passing your ISP mail system. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

We recognize client’s needs and provide solutions in design and development. This helps us to build close and successful relationships with our clients.

We have the creativity, strategic thinking and production experience to develop high quality solutions that reflect our clients’ values and exploit the potential of the platforms available.