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About us

:: Software Developement

Arise Media specialise in the development of custom software applications and use our offshore development facilities and resources to provide guaranteed cost savings to you.

With our expert knowledge and experience of technology components, software tools, application integration techniques, and multi-platform environments, we create optimal business applications that meet your business and technology needs. Arise Media has a transparent project management approach that is centred on proactive communication with clients to ensure that our solutions delivery teams have a consistent understanding of your requirements at all times.

Arise Media can help map your business needs and create a usable, fit for purpose business application. We can provide application customisation, integration of third-party software, development of content management systems, intranets, extranets, internationalisation and localisation of web applications, e-enablement of legacy applications and upgrading existing business applications.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Arise Media Pvt. Ltd. provides immaculate enterprise solutions which have proved significant for different organizational set-ups across the globe. With our enterprise solutions we strive to provide our clients with most effective and flawless internal information system to strengthen your business framework.

We have carved our distinctive identity in the segment of enterprise solutions by offering most advanced and flexible information solutions for today's businesses that work in a dynamic environment. Our enterprise solutions range in different segments like ERP development, Customized software development, Software enhancement and Maintenance and Product engineering.

ERP Development

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions we provide have gained recognition across the globe and proved as an effective and comprehensive solution for a wide range of industries.

When we offer ERP solutions to businesses our first and foremost aim is to focus on enhancing the operational management and optimizing the system of planning, conduct of communication, sharing, execution and control within the organization.

While framing a full proof ERP system we do a thorough study of your existing operational framework. By interpreting and analyzing your enterprise resources we discerningly put them in our optimized channel of operations and put them together in the most productive fashion of individual, team and departmental interaction.

This lets us create an automated intelligent system that resourcefully integrates with your entire operational framework to allocate and connect your enterprise needs and resources in the best policy and practice of communication.

We provide web based ERP applications, ERP software application, and other ERP application development services that are needed for businesses to get automated and enhanced in their operational capabilities and communication.

Customized Software Development

Our Bespoke Software solutions are extensively produced to create great possibilities for your business framework. We aim at delivering the custom solutions by interacting across departments like accounts, marketing, operations, administration etc. to create a system that interprets your business well.

We procure best solutions for your staffers and build analogically upright frames for your business needs that corresponds requirements of your organization in any given circumstances and time. Your software is delivered to you with precise testing and debugging. We follow strict procedures in this entire process of development and this continues with full-fledged support to help you operate and utilize the product well.

The procedure we follow:

Software Enhancement & Maintenance

We know it well if a business is seeking software enhancement and maintenance solutions it's asking us for accentuated performance and efficiency.

Every business across all verticals and any scope of activity needs to automate their processes and need to compute daily. Software reduces the efforts and maintains the accuracy well throughout. It in turn offers competency and optimizes the productivity at different levels of execution.

With fast changing needs and technology advancements the processes and practices, whether technical or managerial, keeps changing drastically. Software enhancement and maintenance services provide the sustainable version of your existing software with the best of the capacity and adaptability with new business environmental needs.

Our software solutions are so flexible that they can be promptly enhanced to suit your requirements.

While providing Software Enhancement and Maintenance services we assure:

Product Engineering

Product Engineering is the complete process of designing and development of a component, streamlined solution or an entire system.

Arise Media Pvt. Ltd. Software's product engineering solution encompasses everything from analyzing and developing system requirement, creating the basic architecture, designing and developing the software, implementing it in a systematic frame and testing the software.

We scan the best methods out of various applicable options and lab-test them for an efficient and flawless result. We understand and screen our clients' goals with best of our ability and knowledge and choose the most apposite technology that fits well with the precisely identified needs.

Our proficiently chosen components and processes involves state-of-the-art installers and licensing tools to flexibly package, provide outlay and safe-guard your products, helping you to resolve possible conflicts, procure license optimally and manage updates.